Development stopped

Maybe a newer version will be published in future.

FoxyWebSearch – the intelligent way of searching

FoxyWebSearch is a Firefox-add-on, which is able to search in the internet for wanted terms.

After entering the search term and confirmation by using the FoxyWebSearch-pushbutton (or simply pushing the return-key), the search mechanism gets started (see red indication in the picture). With a simple click, the wanted terms were currently sent and transfered to Google, Yahoo, Ask and Bing (Amazon, too). Out of the list of results, created by the search engines, a complete list is generated and shown in the up-to-date Firefox-window.

What is it good for?

With only one click there are asked more than only one search engine. With this, the number of results gets higher (mostly more than 200 with one click, besides the preset 10 matches) and the lists are sorted better, because the different evaluation criterions of the search engines were considered equally. With this, there are also arising problems: perhaps, the Add-on is not fitting properly for narrow strip surfers, because there are delivered a lot of bytes. Moreover, this fact influences the waiting-time of the sent request. It may last more time (the maximum of the search time is stated at about 5 seconds, but the effective search time is substantially shorter, -> option menue).

How does it work?

Simply entering the searching term in the designated text box (red mark in the picture) in the status bar and starting the search by pushing the return-key or the "FoxyWebsearch"-Logo. With pushing [Shift]+[Return]-key respectively [STRG]+[Return]-key (or context menu by right symbol mouse click) there were handled 300 respectively 1000 results per every search engine.

Data protection

The searching requests are exclusively sent to the mentioned searching portal (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and Amazon). Likewise to a "normal" searching request using the website of the licensee, the user leaves his marks (e.g. IP address). Amazon request are done via, because its necessary to sign a request with "my" private key.


  • Search engine top level domain: Selection of searchengine country code and language
  • Searchengine selection: activation/deactivation engine
  • Maximum search time: Time interval, until searching-timeout. Please increase interval, if your internet-connection is not broadband.


  • Ask-searching provides maximal 200 results
  • Yahoo is not delivering results temporarily, if there are put many questions in a very short time frame (especially by serveral "1000-hit-requests").


Please use the deaktivation/deinstallation-button (Firefox menue - extras - add-ons) to deaktivate/deinstall this extension.

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